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CPM-8 Report

Publié on ven, 09 Aoû 2013, 18:05

CPM-8 Final Report has been posted in English today. Language versions will be posted shortly.

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June Bureau meeting demonstrates progress from CPM-8

Publié on lun, 17 Jui 2013, 12:21

On 11-14 June 2013, the CPM Bureau met in Rome to discuss the progress and activities of the IPPC since the 8th Commission on Phytosanitary Measures that took place in April 2013. The meeting’s comprehensive agenda covered many important issues, including the status of the national reporting obligations, updates from the Capacity Development Committee’s recent meeting in Malaysia, progress in various standard setting activities, an update on dispute settlement activities, development of a communications work plan, the management of IT needs, innovations in the ePhyto hub, financial reporting and resource mobilization, and the status of the Implementation Review ...

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Capacity Development side sessions during CPM-8 (detailed information)

Publié on mar, 23 Avr 2013, 22:51

A range of side sessions to develop phytosanitary capacity among IPPC contracting parties will take place during the eighth session of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM-8, 8-12 April 2013).

More details on these side sessions follows below. Please see the monitors in the FAO building during the week for possible updates to venues or times.

Training on IPPC Participation (3-part series) Location: Mexico Room, D211 Monday 8 April, 17-18:30 Wednesday 10 April, 18-19:30 Thursday 11 April, 13:00-14:30

A three-part series of side sessions will offer an opportunity for hands-on training on the obligations and responsibilities ...

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Standard Setting side session during CPM-8 (detailed information)

Publié on mar, 23 Avr 2013, 22:51

It was agreed that a meeting of cold treatments experts should be organized under the auspices of the Secretariat. This should involve the best experts in the world including experts from National Plant Protection Organizations (NPPOs) some members of the Technical Panel on Phytosanitary Treatments (TPPT) and the Technical Panel on pest free areas and system approaches for fruit flies (TPFF). This Expert Consultation on Cold Treatments (ECCT) is being planned to take place 4 to 6 December 2013. It is hoped the ECCT will provide a forum for discussion of issues related to the development and use of cold ...

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Lord de Mauley's Opening Message to CPM-8

Publié on mar, 23 Avr 2013, 22:51

See Lord de Mauley's message for the opening of the 8th session of the International Plant Protection Convention's yearly meeting, the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM).

Lord de Mauley is Parliamentary Under Secretary at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), UK.

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The 8th Commission on Phytosanitary Measures

Publié on mar, 23 Avr 2013, 22:51

The 8th session of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM) of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) will be taking place on April 8-12 at the headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The IPPC Secretariat, a 178 member organization recognized by the World Trade Organization as the international standard setting body for plant health, will host the conference. Discussions regarding newly proposed standards, capacity development activities and developments for the future will take place. Details and additional information on the upcoming meeting can be found at: under the headings of “Core Activities ...

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Dates for CPM 8 (2012) are later than normal (8-12 April 2013), and changed from the ones announced in CPM7

Publié on mar, 11 Sep 2012, 10:10

The IPPC Secretarit would like to remind contracting parties that the dates for the annual meeting of the Commission for Phytosanitary Measures (CPM) are a few weeks later than the "traditional" March time slot due to clashes with other FAO meetings. Therefore, 08 - 12 APRIL 2013 are the dates for CPM-8, instead of 18-22 March 2013 as tentatively announced in CPM7.

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