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Why Africa needs adequate plant surveillance

Publié on mer, 24 Aoû 2016, 11:10

To tackle devastating crop diseases, Africa should boost regional plant surveillance. The emergence of Tuta absoluta on the African agricultural landscape has rekindled pertinent questions regarding Africa’s capability to protect local agriculture and enhance international trade. The importance of being battle-ready on a grand scale rather than leaving those who are struggling to make daily lives take up arms against a pest they barely know about, is therefore not difficult to see. Thus, strengthening our national or preferably regional approach to plant protection could be key.

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Séminaire de la CIPV sur les normes phytosanitaires et la sécurité alimentaire

Publié on mar, 17 Mai 2016, 10:41

Le 4ème séminaire de la CIPV sur les normes phytosanitaires et la santé sécurité alimentaire s’est tenu le 13 mai 2016 au Centre Sheikh Zayed, au Siège de la FAO. Il a porté sur la façon dont les normes phytosanitaires permettent d’améliorer directement la sécurité alimentaire au niveau mondial. Le séminaire a réuni plus de 100 participants, dont les représentants permanents des trois agences onusiennes basées à Rome, les membres et observateurs du Comité des normes de la CIPV, ainsi que des membres de personnel de la CIPV et de la FAO.

Le Secrétaire de la CIPV, M ...

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The IPPC, climate change and food security

Publié on mar, 14 Jul 2015, 15:17

14 July 2015. The IPPC Coordinator, Craig Fedchock, delivered the keynote speech at the Milan Expo conference on “Climate change and food security: challenges for plant health, plant breeding and genetic resources”, organized by the European Commission in the framework of the Milan Expo.

Mr Fedchock focused on the impacts and inter-relations of plant health, climate change and food security. The IPPC Coordinator noted that pests are nowadays unfortunately in the news due to the challenges posed to plant health, while more attention should be given to international regulations and good practices to address these challenges. Mr Fedchock noted how ...

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