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ISPM 15 Frequently Asked Questions

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New questions and answers on ISPM15 symbol registration now up on IPP FAQs page

Publié on ven, 20 Déc 2013, 17:33

In an effort to support the IPPC Contracting Parties’ symbol registration and renewal, the IPPC Secretariat and the FAO Legal Office have prepared a list of frequently asked questions along with their answers that are posted on the IPPC website’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. These answers explain the importance of ISPM symbol registration, steps needed to obtain registration, and the consequences of failing to register. There is also a question and answer forum, where you can find concise answers to any posed questions related to ISPM15 symbol registration. If your question is not addressed, please do not hesitate ...

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Questions and Answers on ISPM 15 Symbol: submit questions by 29 March 2013 for CPM-8 evening session

Publié on mar, 23 Avr 2013, 22:51

The IPPC Secretariat and FAO legal office will jointly host a question and answer session on registration of the ISPM 15 symbol. CPM-8 delegates are encouraged to attend and to submit questions in advance.

ISPM 15 (Regulation of wood packaging material in international trade) was first adopted by the ICPM in March 2002. The ISPM 15 symbol was developed to be used by contracting parties as part of the certification mark for wood packaging material that has been treated according to the procedures described in the standard.

As has been discussed at numerous sessions of the CPM, registration and renewal ...

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The importance of actively protecting the IPPC certification of wood packaging material - ISPM 15. A successful action!

Publié on jeu, 06 Déc 2012, 09:10

Several countries have needed to initiate their national legal process to protect the IPPC certification mark (from ISPM 15: 2009) with the assistance of FAO legal expertise when necessary. The purpose of the ISPM 15 program is to protect the health of the world’s forests by restricting the inadvertent transportation of forest pests in the wood used for packaging and dunnage in international shipments. If not yet started, the IPPC Secretariat strongly encourages all Contracting Parties to initiate the appropriate actions to trademark the logo in your country before it is too late.

Most recently in the US, a ...

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ISPM 15 logo communication

Publié on jeu, 21 Jui 2007, 10:10

ISPM 15 - �Guidelines for regulating wood packaging material in international trade" delineates approved phytosanitary measures that may be applied to wood packaging material (WPM) by countries in order to reduce the risks posed by the introduction or spread of associated quarantine pests.

WPM treated in accordance with the regulatory and operational requirements of the ISPM 15 is required to bear the registered ISPM 15 Mark (shown below). The purpose of this Mark is to certify that the WPM has been subjected to an officially approved and recognized treatment or process, or a combination thereof. Moreover, the use of the ...

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