The Year of the IPPC Official Contact Point (2014/15)

Publié on mar, 07 Oct 2014, 10:32

During the first meeting of the National Reporting Obligations Advisory Group (NROAG - July 2014), it was agreed that every year would be dedicated to a different national reporting obligation. As Official Contact Points (OCPs) are central to the functioning and wellbeing of the IPPC, it was unanimously agreed that 2014/15 would focus on Official Contact Point (OCP) awareness raising and increasing the activity of OCPs in general. Therefore, the period up to CPM-10 in 2015 becomes the NRO “Year of the IPPC Official Contact Point”.

You can now read our “National Reporting Obligations Update” packed with information on the Official Contact Points. Also take a moment to consult the International Phytosanitary Portal (IPP) by going go to your country home page and look at your country’s contact details. If these data are not correct, please follow the advice on the page 3 of “NROs Update” under: Check your national information on the IPP.




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