Workbook developed by NAPPO and partners estimates sample sizes based on Risk-Based Sampling

Publié on ven, 14 Jui 2019, 18:34

During CPM-14 (2019) the North American Plant Protection Organization (NAPPO) delivered a presentation on the importance of using Risk-Based Sampling (RBS) in order for phytosanitary inspections and the measures that are put in place based on inspection results are technically justified.

After the presentation, some contracting parties (CPs) emphasized that sharing views and experiences with CPs would contribute to a better understanding of the conceptual foundation and the operational and regulatory considerations when implementing RBS.

In response to this suggestion NAPPO and its partners developed a free downloadable Excel workbook (in English and Spanish) to assist CPs in organizing data derived from inspections conducted at ports, airports and border points. The formulae contained in the workbook can be used to estimate sample sizes based on Risk-Based Sampling concepts. The free downloadable tool is available at - by clicking Sample Size Calculator on the English side (see below) or Calculadora pare el tamano de muestra on the Spanish side.

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