Member consultation (MC) on draft ISPMs

Following clearance by the Standards Committee (SC), draft standards are sent for member consultation by the IPPC Secretariat to contracting parties, national plant protection organizations (NPPOs), regional plant protection organizations (RPPOs) and international organizations.

Comments must be submitted through the IPPC contact point in the IPPC Online Comment System (OCS, For more information on the OCS, please visit the OCS page on the IPP. Please contact the IPPC Secretariat ( for assistance using the OCS.

The SC in May 2013 approved the following draft ISPMs for member consultation:

  • 1994-001: Draft amendments to ISPM 5: Glossary of phytosanitary terms
  • 2005-004: Movement of growing media in association with plants for planting in international trade
  • 2005-010: Phytosanitary procedures for Fruit Fly (Tephritidae) management
  • 2006-029: Management of pest risks associated with the international movement of wood
  • 2008-001: Minimizing pest movement by sea containers **
  • 2004-011: Draft Annex to ISPM 27:2006 - Xanthomonas citri subsp. citri
  • 2006-022: Draft Annex to ISPM 27:2006 - Potato spindle tuber viroid
  • 2012-011: Draft Annex to ISPM 28:2007 - Irradiation for mealybugs

The 2013 member consultation (MC) period lasted 150 days. It began on 1 July 2013 and ended on 1 December 2013.

Draft ISPMs for the last MC are posted below.

Presentations for the draft standards were posted below on 20 June 2013 for use at IPPC regional workshops and as needed for member consultation.

Background documents for the draft standards were posted below on 21 June 2013 for use during member consultation.

  • The mechanism to translate Diagnostic Protocols into languages before member consultation can be found here.

** A preliminary draft as revised during the SC 2013 May meeting was approved for member consultation (with the understanding that there will be a further member consultation), the draft would be open only for general conceptual comments. As requested by CPM-8 (2013), the SC also agreed the terms for a short survey on the pests found with sea containers. A small group of SC members are currently working to refine the survey. When finalized, National Plant Protection Organizations (NPPOs) will be asked to get involved in this and collect data on the scale of the problem.

Please note that previous versions of draft ISPMs going through member consultation and their background documents are available in the MC archive page.

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