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The IPPC Secretariat makes a call for topics every two years. IPPC members and Technical Panels (TPs) submit detailed proposals for new topics or for the revision of existing ISPMs to the IPPC Secretariat. Submissions should be accompanied with a draft specification, a literature review and justification that the proposed topic meets the CPM-approved criteria for topics (available in the IPPC Procedure Manual). To indicate a broader need for the proposed topic, submitters are encouraged to gain support from other IPPC members and/or regions.

Topics being solicited include the following:

  • new topics for International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs)

  • new components to existing ISPMs, such as supplements, annexes or appendices

  • revisions or amendments to adopted ISPMs, supplements, annexes, appendices or glossary terms

  • pests for which a new diagnostic protocol should be developed

  • new topics for phytosanitary treatments. Note that specific treatment submission data will be called for at a later date.

The following documents are posted bellow

  • Call for Topics Letter (English, Español, Français)

  • Submission form for IPPC standard setting work programme topics

  • Procedures for identifying topics and priorities for standards (English, Español, Français)
  • List of Topics for IPPC Standards. click here to access

All documents must be submitted by the National IPPC Official Contact Point, preferably in electronic format to

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Title Files Publication date
2013-01_Call for Topics Letter En Es Fr 20 May 2013
2013-01_Procedures for identifying topics and priorities for standards En Es Fr 30 Apr 2013
2013-01_IPPC Submission Form for Call for Topics En Es Fr 16 Sep 2013
2009-01_Procedure for the production of phytosanitary treatments En 01 May 2009
2009-01_Submission form for phytosanitary treatments Es Fr En 01 May 2009
2009-01_Call letter - Topics for the IPPC standard setting work programme En Es Fr 20 May 2009
2009-01_Call letter for ISPM topics and phytosanitary treatments En Es Fr 01 May 2009
2009-01_General consideration on temperature treatments En Es Fr 01 May 2009

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