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Pest Reports Bulletin: April 2014

Please find below the complete list of new or updated Pest Reports submitted by countries in April 2014

Title Published Updated Country
Detection of a single male Queensland fruit fly (in a New Zealand surveillance trap) new
Pest identity:Bactrocera tryoni - (DACUTR)
03 Apr 2014 03 Apr 2014 New Zealand
Finding of Potato spindle tuber viroid (PSTVd) in breeding material of Solanum tuberosum (potato) – no links with commercial cultivars of potato. updated
Pest identity:Potato spindle tuber viroid - (PSTVD0)
31 Mar 2014 06 Apr 2014 Netherlands, Kingdom of the
Transient incursions of exotic Bactrocera species in Torres Strait new
Pest identity:Bactrocera sp. - (BCTRSP)
11 Apr 2014 06 Jul 2023 Australia
Absence of Phytophthora meadii from Australia new
Pest identity:Phytophthora meadii - (PHYTMD)
11 Apr 2014 30 Jun 2015 Australia
Absence of Phytophthora richardiae new
Pest identity:Phytophthora richardiae - (PHYTRI)
11 Apr 2014 25 Jun 2015 Australia
After 14 days of intensive surveillance and fruit monitoring, no further fruit flies have been detected. The absence of Bactrocera tryoni in New Zealand is confirmed. new
Pest identity:Bactrocera tryoni - (DACUTR)
23 Apr 2014 23 Apr 2014 New Zealand
Updated regulated areas for the Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis) in the United States new
Pest identity:Agrilus planipennis - (AGRLPL)
14 Apr 2014 19 Sep 2016 United States of America
Anoplophora glabripennis (Asian Longhorned Beetle) - Portions of Long Island, New York added to the regulated area new
Pest identity:cachi - (DOSKA)
14 Apr 2014 19 Sep 2016 United States of America