Regional Plant Protection Organizations

A Regional Plant Protection Organization (RPPO) is an inter-governmental organization functioning as a coordinating body for National Plant Protection Organizations (NPPO) on a regional level. Not all contracting parties to the IPPC are members of RPPOs, nor are all members of RPPOs contracting parties to the IPPC. Moreover, certain contracting parties to the IPPC belong to more than one RPPO.

There are currently 10 RPPOs:

Article IX of the IPPC provides for  RPPO contributions to various activities that achieve the objectives of the IPPC. It extends the responsibilities of RPPOs to specify cooperation with the IPPC Secretariat and the Commission for Phytosanitary Measures in developing international standards. The RPPOs therefore play an important role in the cooperative endeavour to implement the IPPC.

Functions of RPPOs

The functions of RPPOs are mostly laid down in the Article IX of the IPPC and include:

  • Coordination and participation in activities among their NPPOs in order to promote and achieve the objectives of the IPPC
  • Cooperation among regions for promoting harmonized phytosanitary measures
  • Gathering and dissemination of information, in particular in relation with the IPPC
  • Cooperation with the CPM and the IPPC Secretariat in developing and implementing international standards for phytosanitary measures.

Each RPPO has its own activities and programme. Each year, a Technical Consultation of representatives of RPPOs and the IPPC Secretariat is convened to encourage inter-regional consultation on harmonized phytosanitary measures for controlling pests and in preventing their spread and/or introduction, and to promote the development and use of relevant ISPMs. To date, there have been 31 Technical Consultations, whose reports are made available on the IPP.

Title Files Publication date
Roles and Functions of RPPOs in their relationship with the CPM (adopted by CPM-12 (2017)) En 19 Feb 2020

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