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New Conference Room Papers (CRP) posted

Posted on Thu, 30 Mar 2023, 09:48

The IPPC Secretariat has posted new Conference Room Papers (CRP) which can be downloaded from the CPM-17 page. New CRPs include

Document numberAgenda ItemTitle
CPM 2023/CRP/0103.1EU Declaration of Competences and Voting Rights
CPM 2023/CRP/029.1.1; 9.2; 10.2; 15.1Statements from COSAVE member countries regarding CPM -17 Agenda Items
CPM 2023/CRP/0311.1 ; 12.1 ; 12.2 ; 13.2 ; 13.3 ; 15.1 ; 15.3Written statements from the European Union and its Member States regarding the CPM-17 agenda items
CPM 2023/CRP/0417.2PPT – External cooperation
CPM 2023/CRP/0512.2 EU statement on Update on Development Agenda item Harmonization of electronic data exchange: CPM focus group on sustainable funding of the IPPC ePhyto solution
CPM 2023/CRP/0620IDPH 2023
CPM 2023/CRP/0719.1; 19.2Confirmation of Membership and Potential Replacements for CPM Bureau and CPM Standards Committee
CPM 2023/CRP/0815.5 GRULAC proposal on Fusarium oxysporum fsp. cubense R4T

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