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Standards Committee 2017 May meeting report posted!

Publié on mer, 31 Mai 2017, 10:23

The report of the Standards Committee May meeting (Rome, 8-12 May, 2017) has now been posted. You can find the report on the IPP at

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CPM-12 report posted!

Publié on mar, 30 Mai 2017, 16:42

The report of the Twelfth Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM-12) held in Incheon, Republic of Korea, has now been posted! You can find it at this link.

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Tenth Meeting of the IPPC Capacity Development Committee held in Tokyo, Japan

Publié on mar, 30 Mai 2017, 12:13

IPPC 2017 - CDC members convene in Tokyo Japan

The IPPC’s Capacity Development Committee (CDC) met for its 10th and final time in Tokyo Japan, 15 – 19 May, 2017. Formed in 2012 to help guide the IPPC Secretariat’s work to implement the Capacity Development Strategy and Work Plan, the final CDC meeting was a preparatory meeting for the transition to the new Implementation and Capacity Development Committee (IC) approved at CPM-12 in April. The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) of Japan hosted the meeting.

Major highlights of the meeting include the CDC’s development of a proposal ...

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New OCS short guide posted!

Publié on jeu, 25 Mai 2017, 15:20

A new short guide on the IPPC Online Comment System (OCS) has been posted today. The guide is available in English in the OCS resource page of the IPPC website or through a direct link here.

IPPC contact points are encouraged to read it through in view of the opening of consultations on draft ISPMs on 1st July. In case of need, please contact

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Four draft standards approved for the second consultation by the IPPC Standards Committee Working Group

Publié on mar, 23 Mai 2017, 14:01

The Standards Committee working group (SC-7), led by the Chairperson, Mr Nico Horn (The Netherlands), met on 15-19 May 2017 in Rome and had an intense and fruitful week. The SC-7 consists of seven SC members; one representative per FAO region. They had detailed and in-depth discussions on the draft standards that were commented upon by IPPC Official contact points during the first consultation. The SC-7 considered the compiled comments, the stewards’ considerations and recommendations on the use of terms and consistency as provided by the Technical Panel for the Glossary.

The SC-7 approved four draft standards for submission to ...

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ePhyto working with the World Bank Group to assist Samoa in the implementation of ePhyto as a tool in trade facilitation

Publié on mar, 23 Mai 2017, 09:43

From 8-12 May 2017, the IPPC Secretariat’s, ePhyto Project Manager, Shane Sela together with World Bank Group’s representatives participated in a series of technical discussions with a number of government ministries in Samoa on the implementation of the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) – the first multilateral deal agreed upon in the 21-year history of the World Trade Organization. The TFA became an official WTO Agreement, effective and legally binding, on February 22, 2017 achieving a major milestone for the global trading system. The agreement is expected to reduce total trade costs by more than 14 per cent for low-income ...

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The Workshop on IPPC standards and implementation held in Iraq

Publié on lun, 22 Mai 2017, 06:00

Photograph: IPPC 2017 – Workshop participants from Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture convene in Iraq

The Regional Plant Protection Officer for the Near East and North Africa together with the IPPC’s Implementation Facilitation Unit (IFU) Officer facilitated a short, intensive course for 32 participants from the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture, the 24 – 26 of April 2017 held in Iraq.

Upon request of the NPPO of Iraq, the Regional Office for the Near East (FAO RNE), and the FAO office for Iraq organized the course, designed to introduce the IPPC, its international legal framework, capacity building tools, resources and relevant IPPC standards ...

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The first PCE application workshop conducted by the IPPC PCE-trained Facilitator in Nairobi Kenya

Publié on dim, 21 Mai 2017, 06:00

Trained under the STDF401 PCE Facilitators Training project, Phytosanitary Capacity Evaluation (PCE) facilitator Chiluba Mwape delivered the first PCE workshop for Kephis Kenya, from 15 – 17 March 2017, in Nairobi, Kenya. This was the first of three expected PCE workshops for Kenya, to be delivered by Chiluba Mwape.

In response to expressed interest by Kenyan phytosanitary authorities, this activity marked the initial stage of the application of the PCE in Kenya. Working closely with the National PCE Coordinator for Kenya, and IPPC Programme Specialist Orlando Sosa, the PCE Facilitator coordinated a workshop and planning meeting involving key stakeholders from relevant ...

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The IPPC PCE application completed in the Republic of Moldova

Publié on sam, 20 Mai 2017, 17:04

Photograph: IPPC 2017. PCE Finalization Consensus workshop participants in Chisinau Moldova.

The Phytosanitary Capacity Evaluation (PCE) of the phytosanitary system of the Republic of Moldova was completed under the framework of the UN-FAO Technical Cooperation Programme TCP/MOL/3502 “Support for Adaptation and Implementation of Integrated Pest Management in Moldova”. Orlando Sosa, Lead of the Implementation Facilitation Unit (IFU) of the IPPC Secretariat and Ketevan Lomsadze, Agricultural Officer of the IFU/ IPPC facilitated the PCE application in the country.

The PCE application concluded with a consensus workshop held on 26 February – 3 March 2017 in Chisinau, Moldova. The workshop aimed ...

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All CPM-12 adopted standards now posted!

Publié on ven, 19 Mai 2017, 18:23

All standards adopted by CPM-12 have now been published in English, including all Phytosanitary Treatments. The standards can be found in the IPPC adopted standards page.

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Three draft standards approved for the first consultation by the IPPC Standards Committee

Publié on ven, 19 Mai 2017, 12:14

The Standards Committee (SC), led by their newly elected Chairperson, Mr Ezequiel FERRO (Argentina), met on 8-12 May 2017 in Rome and had once again an intense and productive week.

The SC approved three draft standards for submission to the first consultation period (1 July – 30 September 2017, through the Online Comment System):

-International movement of cut flowers and foliage. This draft standard, which should help reduce the likelihood of pests being moved with cut flowers in international trade, had undergone several reviews in previous SC meetings and its approval for consultation is a great step forward.

-Requirements for the ...

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Australia leads international efforts to protect vital domestic industries from deadly plant pest

Publié on mar, 16 Mai 2017, 14:25

Experts from across the globe will come together on 17–19 May to share knowledge and strengthen Australia’s defences against one of the world’s most devastating plant pests, Xylella fastidiosa.

Australian Chief Plant Protection Officer Dr Kim Ritman, said diagnostics, management, control, research and collaboration would be on the agenda at the 2017 International Symposium on Xylella fastidiosa being hosted by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources in Brisbane, followed by a Surveillance and Diagnostics Workshop.

“Originating in the Americas, and now present in Europe, China and Iran, Xylella fastidiosa is a deadly and highly invasive plant ...

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CPM-12 adopted ISPMs now posted in English!

Publié on mar, 16 Mai 2017, 10:04

This is to inform you that ISPMs adopted at the Twelfth Session of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM-12) were posted on the IPP in English at

Those include: ISPM 20 with Annex 1, ISPM 38, ISPM 39, ISPM 40 and ISPM 41.

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Spotlights on Monitoring and Evaluation and Benefits of Implementing the IPPC through Execution IRSS Project

Publié on jeu, 11 Mai 2017, 11:31

Photograph: Copyright: 2015 Cédric Rajadel - Ryncophorus ferrugineus

The Implementation Review and Support System (IRSS) is a European Union (EU) funded project that has undertaken a number of activities to review contracting parties’ implementation challenges and successes since its inception in 2011. The past year has seen several ongoing IRSS activities, many of which are scheduled for completion in 2017. The IPPC intends to commence a third project cycle of the IRSS during 2017 for an additional period of three years dependent on funding. The IRSS operates to: 1) provide key strategic and analytical support to various IPPC Secretariat Units; 2 ...

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