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Surveillance and reporting obligations

mer, 25 Mai 2022, 00:00
E-Learning course


This e-learning course targets NPPO managers, supervisors, and staff involved in surveillance and pest reporting. It is particularly relevant to NPPO staff involved in exchanging information on new pest detections or changes in pest status and those responsible for phytosanitary export certification. In this course you will learn about key concepts related to pest surveillance, pest status determination and pest reporting; how to strengthen national surveillance systems and activities of pest monitoring and detection; and how to comply with IPPC obligations for pest reporting.
(7 lessons; 4.5 hours)
IPPC Guides: Surveillance, Pest Status, National Reporting Obligations (NRO)
Phytosanitary system: Surveillance
Related international standards: ISPM 6

Please note: While it is recommended to take the entire course, Official IPPC Contact Points (OCPs) and International Phytosanitary Portal (IPP) editors can focus on Module 7 on National Reporting Obligations (NROs) only. Nevertheless, to receive the badge, you need to successfully complete the entire course.

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