IPPC Seminars

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In June 2015, the Secretary to the IPPC, Jingyuan Xia, has launched an IPPC seminar series taking place regularly at FAO headquarters in Rome, Italy.

The seminars are addressed to FAO staff, IPPC contracting parties, interested stakeholders, and the general public that can follow the proceedings of the seminars online.

The content of all seminars is summarized in the IPPC news with relevant links for further information. To ensure that all IPPC contracting parties and stakeholders can benefits from this initiative, all seminars are being recorded and posted to the FAO YouTube channel or to the FAO webcast page. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up-to-date with IPPC activities.

Below is the list of seminars, including links to relevant news:

  1. IPPC seminar «International Year of Plant Health» (24 June 2015)

  2. IPPC seminar «Invasive Alien Species: trends and patterns of invasion, global impacts, and possible responses» (24 September 2015)

  3. IPPC seminar «One belt and one road initiative in China» (6 December 2016)

  4. IPPC seminar «Plant health standards and food security» (13 May 2016)

  5. IPPC seminar / CFS-43 side event: «Plant health’s essential role in eradicating hunger and eliminating poverty» (18 October 2016)

  6. IPPC seminar «Stop the Red Palm Weevil. Contribution of the IPPC to prevent the entry and spread of this pest» (29 March 2017)

  7. IPPC seminar «Plant Health and Trade Facilitation» (10 October 2017)

  8. IPPC seminar «Plant Health Standards and Trade Facilitation» (16 November 2017)

  9. IPPC seminar «Plant Health, Climate Change and Environmental Protection» (10 October 2018)

  10. IPPC seminar «Plant Health and Capacity Development» (9 October 2019)

Other recent seminars include:

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